Climber Love

Is there a special climber in your life? Trying to find a gift for a climber friend? As stressful as finding the great gift can be, remember we are simple people! We like climbing, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sitting on the ground, ropes, chin ups, a rad photo or two, and most importantly, spending quality time with you!

If you don’t believe me, hear my little sister’s thoughts from our most recent climbing trip!

“I think it was really cool. And I liked that I could pretend to fly on the strings. And I really liked the bear [chalk bag]. The upstairs was really hard [bouldering]. I didn’t like that part. Mostly I liked the downstairs [top rope].

And I really liked being with you! I wanted to go climbing to spend time with you!”

How can I show a climber some love?

Want to give me a great day? Show some interest in climbing with me! Let’s plan a trip! I don’t even care if it is outdoors or indoors, short or long, as long as you are happy being there with me.

Oh, climbers? Don’t forget your friends limits. They might like you more than they like climbing! 😉 Pay attention to their limits, and act accordingly.


Happy Valentines day everyone! I love you sisters!

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