Improve Climbing: Stretch that Upper Body

Lacking or maintaining flexibility while working the upper body? Getting more tight from training? Look no further! Except to look further down this page! 😉

Recently, I released a training article on exercises to improve climbing with no equipment. After using my own exercises I realize that there is a need for a follow up! Turns out those exercises from the previous post work really well, so as requested here is:  Stretching with no equipment!

Offendingly surprising is the news that girls can be better climbers than boys! “But Kim you’re forgetting muscle building and genetics.. Blah blah blah.” This is actually the reason girls are awesome climbers! We don’t rely on our upper body muscles we use our legs and flexibility!

I didn’t believe this until I took my nephew climbing one day. He tried to pull-up the whole way to the top without using his feet. I say “try” because he wore himself out before making it up to the top!

Lat/Upper Back: Stretches

Door Frame: Hold on to a pole, but most likely a door frame. This is just guessing the availability of what is in the house. If there is a pole, no judgments here! Hold the frame (bookshelf, etc.) up and over the head! Drop the weight and lean the butt back as far as is comfortable. Finally turn the hips inward so that opposite hip tries to go to the opposite hand. Repeat for the other side. Here is a super helpful video!

Child’s Pose: Kneeling on the ground with knees open more than hips distance apart. Stretch the arms out  as far as possible and try to touch shoulders to the floor until the stretch is felt.

Bicep Stretch

Standing Bicep Stretch: Clasp hands behind back. Lean forward and lift the arms up above the head. Hold the stretch.

Bicep Wall Stretch: Place the palm and inner arm against any wall. While keeping the inner are on the wall turn the body around until the stretch is felt.

Ab Stretches

Cobra: Lay tummy down on the floor. Stretch the feet out so that the tops of the feet are on the ground. With the hands pressed flat to the ground near shoulder level, push down and try to straighten the arm. Try not to strain too hard as this will cause some tension in the back even though it is stretching the tummy. If there is a lot of tension in the back follow with Child’s Pose described above for back stretches.

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