31 Things Learned From Mother Nature

1. That mesh pocket in your tent that is the perfect size for pop-tart storage is not for pop-tarts

2. It’s a really bad idea to store pop-tarts in your tent

3. Cairn’s, those rock pyramids along hiking trails, they are not like a snowman. Do NOT knock them over for sport

4. Don’t make important decisions in the morning, follow the decisions made the past evening

5. Pooping in a bag is not as hard as it sounds, but it is as awful

6. Just drinking water can dehydrate you. Don’t forget some electrolytes

7. Even though your baseball cap has a cap, it does not protect against sunburns

8. Trekking poles aren’t for just old people. They are actually super handy

9. Lips can get sunburnt

10. Sleeping with your clothes in your sleeping bag keeps them warm for the morning

11. Any camp that has bear lockers will be really loud

12. Mole skin can cause blisters if it is not put on strategically enough

13. Cheap waterproof outfits can soak through if given enough water

14. Elevation sickness is real

15. Sometimes you can’t make it to your destination

16. Your yard won’t die if you don’t water it for the extended weekend trip

17. Cars aren’t always safe from wild animals

18. Hiking downhill is really hard

19. Meeting up in the wilderness without technology is tricky

20. Just because there is a shortcut doesn’t mean it should be taken

21. Having some kind of pillow makes sleeping so much more comfortable

22. Without a car to hide in, the outdoors feel colder. Plan for weather colder than is forecasted

23. Down is really wonderful and is totally worth every penny

24. Costco actually has a really good supply/price of camping and hiking equipment

25. Freeze dried food packages are convenient at first, but come back with a vengeance

26. Switchbacks are the best and the worst at the same time

27. Toenail clippers are a miracle

28. Leave your rings at home

29. If glasses are going into your backpacking bag put them in a hard case first

30. If you leave your tent leave the door open a little, or else the marmots will chew their way in

31. Your fondest memories come from the achievements no matter how hard they are to accomplish

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