Endurance Training: Check-In Uno

After one week of endurance training I have learned how desperately I NEED to do it! I recommend everyone adds some to their schedule!

I had one good week before I left for Thailand to get some climbing trainings in. So far I have done one really good rope session (lead and toprope), and I have done one really good bouldering session (arcing). I also did one fun day where I just climbed what I wanted, and I felt super solid on V3s. I attempted a couple V4s, and I still have some training to do. I’m not disappointed about that yet because I felt so solid on the V3s I have been struggling with in the past!

During the week I did one really good ab workout, and one mediocre arm workout. Lifting weights is pretty new to me, and I realized I need to push it more to get the results I’m looking at getting. I’m going to do some research to find out if I need to do more sets, and/or more weight. I don’t think I did it right, because I didn’t get sore, or remained tired once I stopped my workout.

As for yoga, I made it to yoga a couple times! I went to a studio once, and I woke up early to do it once. That is right where I wanted to be! I hope to keep that up.

The past two weeks were really hard for me to keep this up because I just got back from Thailand. I committed myself to 30 pushups and 30 sit-ups a day just to do something while I was gone. I’m happy to say that I did do this all the days I wasn’t at the crag climbing!

I was surprised by how sore I was from the pushups. I wasn’t sore in my chest, but more in my lats/side chest. With that in mind I’m going to continue doing 30 push ups and 30 sit-ups a day in addition to my above stuff. If my chest starts feeling less sore I’m going to work on increasing my daily pushup amount with different sessions.

In about 1 month I plan to publish a follow up about the results. I’ve talked so much about my plan its about time to follow up!

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