If Christmas is in July, then News Years is August?

This summer I’ve been all about exploring. Exploring new places, new climbs, and new partners! I’ve had a couple of hiccups that lead to this new matra for me. If you follow along you will know that I made a goal in January to climb harder and be stronger!! 

It was a little bit of a 360 to go from harder, harder, harder, to explore, explore, explore! At the beginning of the summer I really hurt my back! Luckily for my parents sanity it was not because of a climbing accident. I repeat mom it was NOT because of a climbing accident. 🙂 

It had been building up for awhile and I was ignoring it as much as I could. Well one day I put my climbing pack on and while it was on I bent over to put my shoes on. That was either a mistake or really good. 

It was a mistake because my back started hurting really, really bad. I could barely put on my second shoe! I lied down for a moment and I could not stand back up! My husband came home and rescued me from the floor and took me to the doctor. 

It was really good because the doctor gave me medicine to help heal my back. It had been bothering me for awhile since memorial day. So about a month! Nothing too bad. I would work out okay and when I sat down afterwards or when my muscles cooled down I would get stiff and need to warm it up to get full motion. Because of this pain I took it pretty easy for a bit. My back felt better after 1 week of resting from this big event then it had felt in the past month. I’m actually glad that it happened so I was able to reset and get back to normal. 

Understandably, I still wanted to take it easy for a bit. All of a sudden I found myself taking it down a few notches. I found myself meeting new people and going out to climb at comfortable levels and not pushing it too much. 

While I was doing this I found myself having a blast going to new places and climbing with new people. Why do I climb if it is not for fun? I re-evaluated my goals (at least for the summer) and I don’t regret it at all! 🙂 

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