A Whole New World Just Next Door

The timing had finally worked out for me. I wanted to go to Maple Canyon. It’s been this magical climbing location where climbers climb on conglomerate rocks. Which are really really cool rocks that are made of large chunks of rock! I got invited to go down and the group that was going was willing to leave a little later so I could go to church first! 

I knew it would be about 1.5 hours, but I didn’t know exactly where it would be. I was very surprised to end up in my grandparents stomping grounds! We drove through the beautiful, very small town of Fountain Green, and cut up towards the canyon to Maple Canyon! 

Parking is always very fun at places like this, and we were lucky enough to find a good pullout near the trailhead on a busy Sunday afternoon. 

We hiked the short trail over and made our way over to Oxygen Wall. Oxygen wall was where I climbed my first few climbs on this magical conglomerate rock. 

Climbing on conglomerate is an out of this world experience. Sometimes there are perfect jugs, and somethings there are these awful slopers. The routes I was on ranged from perfect jugs to just okay jugs. Because everything is cobblestone, everything looked like a good potential hold. Some definitely were not as good as others! 

At the wall we found a marathon of a climb that was one of the longest non multi pitch climbs that I  have ever done. It was really fun and took a long long time! 

Finally, a really nice friend in the group set up a top rope on a 10c. That one had a hard start, but the rest of it was amazing! The flow of it was so good. I decided that I would come back and this route would be my next project! 

Even though Oxygen wall is in the shade, the day was getting long, it was plenty warm, and we were feeling a little tired. Some of the younger ones of us (under 4) was also pretty ready to go. 

As we drove out I got some phone signal so my husband could relax a bit more knowing I was safe. 

It was fun, and I am excited to go back again and work on my new project!

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