About me

I have been interested in climbing almost my whole life! Never made it work. No gear, no experience, too many excuses! Three years ago I got my first taste of climbing outside. Every time I go climbing it is just as thrilling as I thought it would be back when it was just a daydream!

A casual climbing enthusiast is the phrase to define myself. There are a couple of reasons I use this classification even though I am obsessed with climbing! Mostly, it is my skill level and temperature limit. Outside I lead about 10a. In my mind you have to be leading 11+ to be a crazy climber. Additionally, I prefer climbing in 60+ degree weather. I am not a fan of being cold just so I can have harder finger skin.

In my free time, I’m working on having fun and experiencing the great outdoors. First it was climbing, then it was backpacking! I have even dabbled in ice-climbing!  Rock climbing has been my gateway into other activities. While I definitely emphasize in climbing I am excited to share some of these other activities as well!

Additionally, I kind of love photography. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time than doing what I love! Climbing, taking pictures, spending time with family and friends, and sharing climbing to other enthusiasts like myself!

As for name, that came during college. For a class we were camping in a great area near St. George, Utah. We were so excited to climb each evening! Well, until the professor banned us from climbing. Instead we decided to spend our time “hiking”. Hiking vertically. 😉

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